Saga, Okawa

Saga, Fukuoka

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Saga (佐賀市 Saga-shi?) is the capital city of Saga Prefecture, located on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Saga was the capital of Saga Domain in the Edo period, and largest city of former Hizen Province. As of February 1, 2009, the city has an estimated population of 238,934 and a population density of 554 persons per km². The total area is 431.42 km². On October 1, 2005, Saga absorbed the towns of Fuji, Morodomi and Yamato (all from Saga District) and the village of Mitsuse (from Kanzaki District) to create the new and expanded city of Saga. With this creation, the city now neighbors the city of Fukuoka (in Fukuoka Prefecture). On October 1, 2007 the towns of Higashiyoka, Kawasoe, and Kubota (all from Saga District) were also incorporated into Saga, further expanding its borders. Although Saga is the capital of Saga Prefecture, it can also be said to be within the Greater Fukuoka metropolitan area, and by extension, Fukuoka-Kitakyushu Metropolitan Area.



Saga, Okawa


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