Frozen Homazan, Sangunsan and Ice Waterfall 宝満山 三郡山

2020.12.31(木) 日帰り



Its the end of the year! Tomorrow will be the start of 2021 which will hopefully be a better year than 2020. For the last hike of this year I went in search of the frozen waterfall between Homanzan and Sangunsan. I last visited the waterfall in August with my two daughters and it was a slow waterfall that felt like rain. Now it has completely frozen with lots of long icicles, very beautiful! I continued on back up to the trail and along to Sangunsan. I took a break for some German spice cake and coffee but it was too cold to really enjoy it. I put on my gloves only to find that they had completely frozen! I had to put my hands in my pockets to warm them up again. I went back following some random trails that took me to the camp centre where I said hello to some friends who run the centre and them hiked down via Odakeyama and back down to Kamado shrine. Every have a happy new year! And I hope 2021 brings everyone joy!