Tottori, Okayama, Hiroshima

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Mount Dōgo (道後山 Dōgo-yama?), is a volcanic mountain located on the border of Nichinan, Tottori Prefecture and Shōbara, Hiroshima Prefecture. The mountain has an elevation of 1,268 m (4,160 ft). The name of Mount Dōgo in Japanese is formed from two kanji. The first, 道, means "road" and the second, 後, in this context means "behind" or "to the rear". Due to its scenery mountain is known as the "Queen of the Chūgoku Mountains." Geography Mount Dōgo is part of Hiba-Dogo-Taishaku Quasi-National Park, and is the second largest mountain in the park after Mount Hiba. Mount Dōgo offers a clear view of Mount Hiba to the west and Daisen and the Japan Sea to the north. On clear days the Shimane Peninsula is also visible from the mountain. The Nariwa River, a prominent tributary of the Takahashi River, originates at Mount Dōgo. The border of Tottori Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture is marked by a low 1,268 m (4,160 ft) long stone wall.



Dogoyama, Iwahiyama


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