Miya River(Mie)


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The Miya River (宮川 Miya-gawa?) is a major river that flows through central Mie Prefecture on the island of Honshū, Japan. It is officially classified as a Class 1 river by the Japanese government and is one of four Class 1 rivers that flow solely through Mie; it is the longest among these four. It is known to be especially pristine. In the government's annual water quality study, the Miya River has been rated the cleanest Class 1 river in the country five times since 2000. The river's source is on Mount Ōdaigahara in the town of Ōdai, Mie Prefecture, where it flows through the Ōsugi Valley. It then flows northeast-wards down the mountains and passes through a number of dams before reaching the tea fields of central Mie and finally passes through the city of Ise before reaching its delta and flowing into Ise Bay. The white rocks used in the Oshiraishi-mochi festival, an event held in honor of the periodic rebuilding of nearby Ise Grand Shrine, are taken from the Miya River's shores.



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