Santa Rosa Island(Channel Islands archipelago)

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Santa Rosa Island is the second largest of the Channel Islands of California at 53,195 acres (215.27 km2 or 83.118 sq mi). Defined by the United States Census Bureau as Block 3009, Block Group 3, Census Tract 29.10 of Santa Barbara County, California. It is part of Channel Islands National Park.[1] Highest peak is Vail Peak, at 1,589 feet (484 m). Santa Rosa is located about 26 miles (42 km) off the coast of Santa Barbara, California in Santa Barbara County. It is occupied by rolling hills, deep canyons, a coastal lagoon and beaches adorned with sand dunes and driftwood. The Chumash, a Native American people who lived in the Channel Islands at the time of European contact, called the driftwood wima because channel currents brought ashore logs from which they built tomols (plank canoes). There are a variety of recreational activities to take part in on Santa Rosa Island, including kayaking, camping and hiking. A private boat charter company offers a number of trips to the island year round, and camping reservations can be made through Channel Islands National Park offices in Ventura, California. A year-round charter flight service is available from Camarillo Airport for hikers and campers to Santa Rosa Island.



Santa Rosa Island


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