Oita Hiking: Yufudake snow hike, Merry Christmas! 由布岳・飯盛ヶ城・青梅台・水口山

2020.12.20(日) 日帰り


5 時間 41
1 時間 2
11.0 km
のぼり / くだり
1091 / 1161 m



For the last weekend before Christmas me and a friend went to Yufudake in Oita. My last hike was an Autumn hike which went from Tsurumi to Yufudake. For this hike we started at at the Yufudake starting point and hiked up to the Nishimine peak. Then we went down to Imorigajo where we had some lunch. We then took the gentle trail to Mizuguchiyama which walks through some beautiful woodland, we even saw three large deer. We just missed a bus so had a coffee and relaxed before taking the Yufurin coach bus down to Beppu again. We saw a lot of snow at the top which was great and make for some wonderful scenery and put us in the Christmas spirit! We finished the day at a Beppu near the sea (Which was too expensive for what is was) and then enjoyed a beer on the way back to Fukuoka.