Miyama Hiking: End of Autumn Solo hike to find the last breath of Autumn

2020.11.29(日) 日帰り

After a lively Saturday group hike and with my kids away for the day, I went off for some "me" time and did a Solo hike in Miyama up Kiyomizuyama. The area also some beautiful statues and a large temple called Kiyomizudera with a tall three story pagoda. The mountains are not too tall and make for a very pleasant walk. I started from JR Setaka station. There are local buses that run from here however I didn't want to wait so I walked from the station to the mountains and back again later on, it took about 45mins so it wasn't so bad. I first visited the temple and then went up Kiyomizuyama and the visited two others. The route down from the last mountain was very unused a tough so if you follow that route be prepared for lots of tree branches and debris and no signs or even tape to follow. This is my last hike of the first year using Yamap. I started last December and since then I have reached 171 mountains peaks, hiked 1190km in distance and climbed up 78,500 meters in Elevation gain. My target for year 2 on Yamap is to reach 250 mountain peaks in Kyushu!