Kumamoto hiking: Tamana, Shodaisan Kanondake and two other mountains

2020.11.03(火) 日帰り




It’s culture day which is a national holiday in Japan. We drove down to Kumamoto to the Onsen town of Tamana. Shodaisan is a prefectural nature park which a number of smallish mountains. We parked near Rengein Tanjoji Okunoin a large temple. There is a campsite and a park visitor centre nearby and lots of parking. We first hiked up to Maruyama and then continued to the main peak of Kanondake. Are taking some photos and a short rest we went to the last mountain of Tsutsugatake. We hiked back down following a route to the campsite. After the hike we went to 菊水ロマンの湯. The area is next to a historical park (Higo Kodai no Mori) with many Kofun burial tombs. There are also a number of work shops and educational places there there is even audio guide which has an English option! Right next to the historical park is a farm shop with fresh locally produced food and on the second floor is an onsen. The onsen is small but cheap at 400Yen for a bath and shampoo etc. provided. A great way to spend culture day!