Gingko leaves and Kurume Autumn 2023 明星山

2023.11.23(木) 日帰り

Today I decided to go to Kurume and see the Gingko trees at Myjosan. I took the bus from Nishitetsu Kurume to Takenoko and hiked up to Myjosan. I then hiked off to see the Gingko biloba trees they were nice but some had passed their best colours for the year and a little bare of leaves. I hiked down to the Ichinose water park and followed the road back to Takenoko. I got off the bus at Ishibashi cultural centre and walked around the park around the art museum. I was surprised how nice the area was with lots of Autumn colours. I then walked to a nearby onsen Yunosakakurume onsen. It was a little old but the water was hot and there was also a sauna. Not the most exciting day but it was nice enough.