Harumine Hikosan Pilgramage part 1: Sakamoto Hachimangu to Onechiyama 英彦山巡礼路 春峰ルート-2023-10-07

2023.10.07(土) 日帰り


6 時間 54
22.6 km
のぼり / くだり
1407 / 1364 m
1 11
2 26
1 16



Today I embarked on my first attempt to get the Hikosan route badges. For my first hike I started at Tofuro-Mae station and walked through Dazaifu, stopping to see the shrines and temples along the route. Tenmangu is currently under construction so the whole main shrine building is covered in a grey sheet and scaffolding. In its place there is a ugly temporary shrine building with plants on the top, But it is worth it for the main building to get the tender love and care it needs. I continued on up to Kamado shrine using the Hikosan Harumine map which took me through some areas I don't usually go. I hiked up Mt. Homan using the regular vanilla route. The weather was OK but quite cloudy so the view was not the best. I continued using the map which took me behind the camp centre and down to fields and farms below. I stopped for a while at the river park next to the Homan river at the base of Onechiyama. I then climbed up up Onechiyama. At the top it started to rain a little but I still stopped for some lunch. I carried on with the trail following the old mountain road down to the bottom. I followed the road down to the Uranoshita bus stop and caught the 24 bus to Chikushi station. From there I caught another bus to the Amandi spa onsen for a relaxing and regenerative bath.