Inunakiyama spring hike 西山(鮎坂山)・辰ノヘラ・往来岳・草場岳・御別館岳・脇田岳・犬鳴山(熊ヶ城)・砥石山

2022.04.10(日) 日帰り

We have been lucky lately with so many beautiful spring days. I went to Koga and caught a bus from the station to Komono bus stop and started hiking from there. The area has many small mountains so I tried to choose a suitable path. I went up to Nishiyama first and then hiked a long to the Inunaki dam. From there I climbed up Inunakiyama, with my legs feeling exhausted and tired. I went down a route which ended up being steep and rocky and found myself on the wrong side of "No entry" sign. It was safe but I went up to the main road and found it a little scary walking along such a busy road. At this point I wanted go stop bit there was no easy way back. I walked back up to the dam and walked around the reservoir to make my way back to the bus. It was a good and challenging day but tired now!