Hiking Hachirodake Nagasaki Peninsula

2021.10.17(日) 日帰り

Today's course was Hirayama Hachirodake startpoint - Hachirodake- Kohachirodake- Sajikidake- Teradake- Sajikidake- Matsuodake (八郎岳・小八郎岳・佐敷岳・寺岳・松尾岳) Yesterday was very rainy but today started with a blue sky and this weekend the temperature finally came down to a normal autumn temperature. On top of the mountains it was quite windy here and there but very nice. It was the perfect weather for hiking! The hike starts down by a graveyard and you can park you car a bit up the road near a public vegetable garden. The hike keeps on going up in a friendly pace with here and there some flatter parts to, until you get to the top of Hachirodake, a peak with the best views all around. After that we continued to Kohachirodake, Sajikidake and finally we also added Teradake. After Teradake we accidentally returned back to Sajikidake, but we descended crossing Matsuodake as our original plan was. The route goes down to the cycling path that continues for about 20 kms in the direction of Nomozaki. By following the cycling path for about 1 km, we returned back to the start and back to our car. The whole route was interesting with nice rocky areas, many viewpoints, and some steep descents. This area is definitely a recommendation and the cycling course is a nice activity to look into for next time.