Makinooyamajo - the return.

2021.04.15(木) 日帰り



This is another of my 'bike-&-hike outings. It was a recent post on 'Google Maps' that alerted me to the existence of Makinooyamajo and, without hesitation, I was on my bike and heading to Uji ( to explore and, hopefully, see for myself. Obviously there wasn't a castle there - I wasn't expecting there to be one - but I thought there may have been some sign of there having been one. Upon return home I questioned myself as to if I had taken a thorough look. And the answer was - No, I hadn't. So, this trip was to explore the area more. I did get the feeling, looking at the terrain, that there had been a castle there at some time, it was an ideal location to build a castle.